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Every year more than 10 million people visit the vibrant country of India, this figure is set to double to 20 million, according to the Indian Government. Demand for hotel accommodation is therefore growing at a fast pace, outstripping inventory supply. This presents opportunities for savvy



India is one of the world’s fastest-growing business and tourism hubs. which is to Foreign tourist arrivals hit new high of one crore, earnings cross $27-billion mark in 2017. Most established international corporations open their regional representative offices in India, creating hundreds of thousands of jobs for specialists catering to a broad range of industry sectors from all over the world. Demand for Leisure property is rising steadily as a result.

Why the Hospitality


investors to get a foothold in the burgeoning property market.

Why choose Maya Luxury?


Maya Luxury boasts15 years of property development experience and offers investment opportunities in properties and sub-markets with strong growth potential. The company’s main competitive advantage is its focus on Hospitality property developments, which historically generate high returns on investment.

About Us

Our expert eye for emerging markets led us to dynamic India, where we became one of the first developers to recognize the city’s lucrative property investment potential. Now home to Maya Luxury global headquarters, Mexico is the main location for our diverse property portfolio, which also encompasses the wider Asia. Meticulous research and an entrepreneurial spirit led us to specialize in the highly profitable world of Hotel investments. We have made it our business to build iconic hotels, offering individual investors the opportunity to profit from purchasing Hotel Rooms,Suites, Resorts, Villas & Estate.
We have spent many years following our passion. To seek out unrivalled property investment opportunities that equal unparalleled returns.
Our partnership with Boutique World Hotels also means these properties enjoy higher occupancy levels and greater rental rates – factors that in turn spell lucrative returns for our real estate investors.
Take India itself, where the hotel industry has been transformed into one of the world’s top performers, surpassing some of the most well-established tourism destinations such as New York and Hong Kong. We have witnessed firsthand this vibrant market go from strength-to-strength and the figures speak for themselves. With hotel occupancy and tourism continuing to grow, we can hardly contain our excitement when it comes to inviting you to become part of this buzzing real estate industry.
Property investing with Maya Luxury means more than just securing financial collateral. It is about creating a trusted partnership that will bring you continued prosperity. Unlike many developers, our relationship goes beyond the handover of a set of keys. Our clients remain the cornerstone of everything we strive for, from a project’s foundation to its years of success. You are invited to learn more with our Discover India Experience where you will discover firsthand the numerous benefits of owning with Maya Luxury.

Introducing our exclusive investment property owners' club, where outstanding rewards await...

When you invest in property with Maya Luxury, our promise is to provide you with much more than amazing real estate and lucrative returns. Ownership with us gives you instant membership to our prestigious club and access to a world of exciting rewards and privileges, from cash returns and investment property credit to fully paid Indian holidays. We invite you to discover more about these outstanding benefits, created exclusively for our owners.


Placing our property investors in expert hands


As a property owner with Maya Luxury, you are our top priority. Our commitment to you is to ensure you enjoy a superior level of service that goes above and beyond simply buying an amazing property in Asia. This is why we have created a specialized company, Maya Luxury Asset Management, to look after every aspect of your finished property investment. Their highly skilled team of industry specialists have an impressive track record spanning decade of experience in the global hotel and property market. As one of our property investors, you can rest assured that you are in expert hands. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy the rewards of a truly effortless investment.

Access the ultimate resources


Maya Luxury Asset Management works closely with our trusted hotel partners to ensure that our hotel investment properties enjoy outstanding success. Our collaboration with hotel operators like Boutique World Hotels, means that each property is managed by companies with excellent track records. Maya Luxury Asset Management team works with these highly regarded industry names in to help to manage every aspect, including:

  • Marketing to maximize exposure
  • Liaising with the operators to ensure high level occupancies and returns of property investment
  • Ensuring that the physical properties are carefully managed and maintained
  • Providing frequent updates on your property’s performance, including relevant information such as local and hotel market trends


We understand that your time is precious. As a property investor with us, Maya Luxury Asset Management is your representation on the ground, leaving you free to focus on the lucrative returns. Their dedicated representatives deliver a wealth of services, working behind the scenes to maximize your income and make your life easier and even more rewarding. Maya Luxury Asset Management’s key services include:

  • Acting as a dedicated representative for everyone who buys investment property with Maya Luxury
  • Working closely with the Hotel and Hotel Apartment’s chosen hotel operator
  • Promoting our long-term residential buildings, ensuring excellent market exposure
  • Handling every aspect possible of the relevant rental processes, including all legal paperwork
  • On-going monitoring of the financial performance of your property investment
  • Asset evaluation – continuous monitoring of your assets and their respective income
  • Providing you with regular updates on your property investment